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Pet Hero has an array of cat bowls: plastic cat bowls, stainless steel cat bowls and melamine cat bowls. All perfectly safe for you cat. Choosing the right bowl for your cat can be a little difficult but Pet Hero has the one or two you are looking for.

Your cat’s whiskers are very sensitive, it can be a terrible irritation to your cat if their food and water bowls are too narrow to cause your cat’s whiskers to touch the sides of the bowl.  You may think they are being fussy about their food, but she may be uncomfortable with her feeding bowl.  

The bowls we have on Pet Hero are all whisker friendly, so your cat can eat and drink in comfort. Not only are they whisker friendly but also durable, dishwasher safe, and non-slip meaning they will last for a long time. What is best about the bowls on Pet Hero,  they all come in beautiful colours and patterns to suit your cat’s feeding area and your home.