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There are plenty of bowls, feeders and drinking fountains out there, which one do you choose?  Pet Hero has a selection of good quality, long lasting feeding accessories that will suit any cat, whether they are finicky or if you are a fashion nut.

Some cats are nibblers, they don’t like to eat a lot of cat food at once. Most cats like to come back every now and then to have a nibble then move on again. Keeping the ants away from the food is difficult unless you have an anti-ant bowl. Every now and then you will need to be away for the night, if you have a Petsafe 2 meal Pet Feeder and a drinking fountain your cat will be fine for one night. The only thing your pet will miss is your loving touch.

Cat bowls and placemats are a perfect way to personalise your cat’s meals and to keep the dishes away from the rest of the family, we have a range of colours and styles to add some decor to your furballs eating area.