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Cats are at their best when they feel calm and in control of their environment. However, anything that interrupts that feeling of control can increase stress and anxiety levels, which leads to uncharacteristically bad behaviour. Cats will mark their territory to take claim and warn others that that space is theirs. If these markers are disrupted it can cause unwanted stress on your feline friend.

Everything from moving to rearranging furniture can cause stress in cats. Looking for the signs, and providing the right medication is vital to keeping your cat in tip top condition. Cat stress symptoms include urinating outside the litter box, digestive issues, excessive grooming, excessive scratching, isolation, panicked meows, decrease in appetite, increased sleeping, and aggression towards other animals and people. Many of these symptoms can be associated with other conditions as well, so it’s best to see your local vet if you suspect your feline friend is suffering from stress or anxiety.

You can find a variety of products targeted to help address cat stress and anxiety. Stressed cats can take on destructive behaviours. Don’t let bad behaviour caused by anxiety, ruin your relationship with your cat.