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Arriving home with a fluffy new kitten comes with so much excitement however your new kitten requires some support to help her get on her feet and on the right track to growing up healthy and happy.

Depending on the age of your kitten and if the mommy cat is in the picture or not, your cat is likely to require some milk supplements. Feeding your cat some kitty milk gives the nutrition and supplements that any newborn needs to grow and build up healthy defences.

Kittens have tiny little mouths so feeding the milk to your kitten is not likely to be an easy task without a little bottle. Shop our cat milk bottles to help you get your cat’s milk into the body without making a big mess and having lots of spilt milk to cry over.

As your kitten starts to get introduced to solid foods, kitten starter mousse is definitely the food to start with. From there you should switch your kitten over to a high-quality dry kitten kibble.