Petstages Cats Dental Banana


Petstages Cats Dental Banana is a great way to get your cat to look after her purely withes and oral health while having fun at the same time! It sounds appealing, doesn’t’ it?

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Petstages  Dental Banana is made with merged mesh materials which help to clean your cat’s teeth while she chews on it. This toy also makes a crinkle sound when squeezed, which then helps to keep your cat occupied, engaged and playing.

Your cat, like all other cats, has a natural instinct to pounce, stalk, carry, chase and bat and that’s why the Petstages Dental Banana is a great choice for your cat. It is lightweight, which makes it perfect for your cat! The Petstages Dental Banana also contains catnip which will keep her engaged, entertained and happy while she plays with her new toy! This toy does so much for your kitten, and it will just be a shame if you missed out on all of its great qualities.

Its mesh textures help floss, clean and remove tartar from your cat’s teeth, and massages their gums while they chew. The crinkle sound, which copies natural sounds, keeps her busy and entertained and what cat doesn’t like catnip?

So start improving your cat’s dental and oral health today and keep your cat’s natural instincts on point! Your cat will be a Fanana of this fantastic Banana!




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