PetSafe Ultrasonic Bark Deterrent for outdoor use

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When the Outdoor Bark Control is within range of a barking dog, an internal microphone picks up the sound and the unit is automatically activated.

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The PetSafe Outdoor Bark Control emits an ultrasonic sound. The ultrasonic sound can be heard by dogs but is silent to humans. Startled by the high-pitched sound that is safe and effective, the dog should stop barking, as it will associate its bark with this unpleasant noise. When the dog stops barking the ultrasonic sound also stops. The PetSafe Outdoor Bark Deterrent has three range levels and a test mode. It is effective up to 15 metres.


The unit is weatherproof. However, if water enters into the microphone, it may disrupt the unit’s operation. Once the microphone dries, it will resume working properly.

Important notice from Manufacturer

“The ultrasonic does not work on all dogs, especially dogs with hanging ears (Dachshund, Basset etc.)

After many years we can truly say the ultrasonic is not very effective for controlling dogs barking. In contrast, the static correction devices have a 99.9% success rate and are the only long-term solution.”

As such, we do not accept returns whatsoever if this anti-bark device is not effective on your particular dog.

Can a dog become desensitised to the ultrasonic sound?

Just as humans living near trains or airports can become desensitised to the sound, dogs can become desensitised to the ultrasonic frequency after prolonged exposure to it. You can take steps to avoid this. Periodically turn the unit off for a few days. With free-standing units, try moving it to a new or slightly different location.

Is ultrasonic effective on all dogs?
The ultrasonic bark control units work on most dogs. They may not work on deaf or hearing impaired dogs.

Can I use the Outdoor Bark Control units indoors?
We do not recommend using these products indoors. Even though the ultrasonic sound is inaudible to humans and only emitted when the dog barks, some people have experienced discomfort after extended time with the unit activating in a smaller indoor space. The PetSafe Indoor Bark Control is an ultrasonic product that can be used indoors.

Additional information

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More Information

Battery Uses ordinary 9-volt battery (not included)
Weight 335g with battery
Measures 11.4 cm wide x 17.8 cm tall x 9.0 cm thick
Usage For outdoor use only
Range Up to 15 metres
Coverage Projects in a cone shape of about 150 degrees from the speaker, 1 = Low, up to 4.5m (15 ft) range, 2 = Medium, up to 9m (30 ft) range, 3 = High, up to 15m (50 ft) range
Stimulation Type Ultrasonic sound only your dog can hear
Detection Microphone
Protection Durable and weatherproof
Low Battery Indicator Yes, both good and low indicator
Additional Notes Unit is weatherproof. However, if water enters into microphone it may disrupt unit’s operation. Once microphone dries, it will resume working properly.


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