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As much as it is fun to bring home a new puppy, it may bring added stress as we do not always know what we are allowed to feed and treat them with? Of course, we have their best in mind and want to treat them in the healthiest possible way.

This is why it is good to explore the treats at Pets Elite. At Pets Elite, they know what is needed to keep your puppy happy and thriving. The Pets Elite Raw Treat Range is authentic, wholesome treats packed with natural flavour. No added sugar, salt, wheat or grain that can upset their tummies. And with it being made of pure animal derivatives, it is high in protein, which aligns with your pup’s natural dietary requirements.

Check out the Pets Elite Puppy Chew Dog Treats. The Pets Elite Puppy Chew Dog Treats have a spongey texture that makes it easier to chew on and is suitable for puppies and small dogs.

It will keep your pup healthily entertained and out of mischief for a little while.


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Let’s agree on the importance of our dog’s chewing, gnawing and chomping on things. It might not be too pleasant at times when they drool all over the place or when they get a hold of the wrong things to chew on, but chewing is an important part of their life. Puppies need to chew on things, especially when teething and their itching gums need urgent relief. But at the same time chomping releases saliva and enzymes that aid digestion and keep them from bloating. Chewing has a mental impact on our canines as the motion triggers the release of endorphins that tend to destress and relax them. Furthermore, chewing on the right things lends itself to cleaning their teeth and improving the smell of their doggy breath.

The Pets Elite range was launched in 2005 by an established pet food company with two generations of international experience in the industry. The Pets Elite raw treat range consists of unique, innovative treats made of the best quality, natural ingredients. The Pets Elite raw treat range is purely made of animal derivatives without any sugar, salt, wheat or grain. The treats line up with your canine’s ancestral dietary requirements and are packed with locked-in wholesome goodness. The Pets Elite raw treat range is dried, extruding 90% of the moist, making the use of preservatives unnecessary, eliminating the presence of mould and bugs, giving it longer shelf life.

The Pets Elite Puppy Chews Dog Treats are tender chews made of pure animal derivatives. The Pets Elite Puppy Chew Dog Treats have a spongey texture that makes it easier to chew on and is suitable for puppies and small dogs. So whether he is teething or you are using it as a positively-training-reward, or maybe you are just showing him some TLC, the Pets Elite Puppy Chews Dog Treat is a great choice.

Always ensure that your canine has access to fresh water.

Even though these treats are nutritious and wholesome, treating in moderation is advised.

The Pets Elite Puppy Chew Dog Treat comes in a 60 g packet.

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