Pets Elite Dry Chicken Feet Dog Treats


We know that the dry dog food we give our dogs does not contain the necessary tendons, ligaments and nibbles that is needed to complement our dog’s ancestral dietary requirements. The Pets Elite Raw Range is here to save the day. The Pets Elite Dry Chicken Feet Dog Treats are only one of the delectable, wholesome, yummy in-between treats that will help your dog get the necessary pure animal derivatives essential in aiding his joint health. Hypoallergenic, highly digestible and packed with real natural goodness, this crunchy treat will brighten up your dog’s day while you can stay guilt-free as this nutritional treat will aid his mental, dental, digestive and joint health.

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An in-between, yummy treat is a good way to show your dog you care. The Pets Elite Dry Chicken Feet Dog treats are crunchy, chewy treats filled with wholesome calcium, collagen, chondroitin and glucosamine, which aid your dog’s joint health—made of pure animal derivatives, this treat lines up perfectly with his natural dietary requirements. It is a hypoallergenic, highly digestible treat, locally produced using only the best quality ingredients.

The Pets Elite Dry Chicken Feet Dog Treats act as a toothbrush, scraping off plaque while he is pleasurably chewing on it. Chewing on this crunchy treat will lead to the release of saliva, which will aid his digestive health, while the chewing motion will contribute to the release of the dopamine hormone, which will destress and relax your dog, especially when he is a bit hyper.

The Pets Elite Dry Chicken Feet Dog treats are naturally the best, with no added flavourants, colourants, or chemicals used in the preserving process. The delectable treat that will delight your dog’s palate with real natural goodness. Sounds like a guilt-free treat indeed.

Always see that your dog has free access to fresh drinking water.

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