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You want to treat your dog, right? But you are worried that treating him will not even benefit his health at all, leaving you feeling dreadfully guilty about wanting to show your dog some love. Then you can rest assured that there is a range of products that is hypoallergenic, highly digestible, and even lines up with their ancestral dietary requirements. Not only that, it will actually benefit their mental, dental and digestive state as well. So the Pets Elite Range has a collection of natural treats made of pure animal derivatives, which will suit your dog’s sense of taste just fine.

The Pets Elite Chips Dog treats are thinly sliced pork trotters with a softer, spongy and crumbly bone (which will not splinter). No added preservatives, colourants or flavourants.

So Chip in – and show your dog you care!

The Pets Elite Chips Dog Treats come in Small (100 g) and Medium (250 g).

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The Pets Elite range was launched in 2005 by an established pet food company with two generations of international experience in the industry. The Pets Elite products are produced locally with only the best quality natural ingredients. They strive to make your pet’s well-being their top priority.

We know that chewing is an important part of our canine friend’s life. It alleviates boredom, but it also helps keep their dental, mental and digestive systems in check. In short, chewing is a wholesome way for your dog to be occupied, but the tricky part is to find the right things for them to chew on. Something healthy that will not harm their teeth, gums or digestive tract. That is why Pets Elite invested their time and effort to bring products into the market that will meet that need.

The Pets Elite Chips Dog treats are thinly sliced pork trotters with a softer, spongy and crumbly bone (which will not splinter). The product is 100% natural raw animal derivatives high in protein and aligns with his ancestral dietary requirements. The Pets Elite Chips Doggy Treats are dehydrated without any preservatives, making them a safe and hypoallergenic treat that easily digest.

The Pets Elite Chips Dog Treats come in small (100 g) and medium (250 g) packets.

Always make sure that your dog has a water bowl filled with fresh water.

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