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Pet Rebels Austin 85

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Are you looking for a fun and functional nook for your kitten or senior cat? One with multiple levels, an easy descend, sisal wrapped posts and super soft lookout spots? Super soft and super fun? The Pet Rebels Austin 85 Cat Tower is a lovely cat nook that provides your cat with a space to claw and scratch, snuggle and play on while giving her a bit of an overlook too. A place she can call her own.

The Pet Rebels Austin 85 Cat Tower provides your cats with a lovely nook where they can climb, play, nap and relax to their hearts’ content. The cat tower is ergonomically designed with multiple levels and an easy descent suitable for kittens and senior cats. It is fitted with a scratching board, 3 sisal rope wrapped scratching logs and four super soft snug spots to explore.

The Pet Rebels Austin 85 Cat Tower is sturdy, with a dimension of 45 cm in length, 35 cm in width and 85 cm in height, which makes it suitable for kittens and small cats.

Be sure to put Pet Rebels Austin 85 Cat Tower at your purr-fect friend’s paw-vourite spot giving her an essential nook where she can play, rest and relax.  And when her urge to scratch and claw sets in, she can sharpen and trim down her nails on the scratchboard and sisal wrapped posts.

Give your cat a place she can call her own. Fun and Functional. Feeling good looking great!


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