Petmate Exercise Pen with Door – 8 Panels

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Petmate Exercise Pen with Door – 8 Panel is the paw-fect solution for keeping your new puppy or rescue safe and out of trouble while giving them a secure little haven of their own. A place where he can play, rest, nap and relax while getting used to his new surroundings. It may even become his favourite indoor or outdoor spot.

Petmate Exercise Pen with Door – 8 Panel has great features. It is easy to assemble. Made with a durable frame. Double latch door. Easy collapsable for transport or storage. Lightweight. Fitted with a carry handle. Added ground sticks to secure the frame when used outdoors. Configurable into many shapes. Able to attach to another pen or wire crate.


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Petmate Exercise Pen with Door – 8 Panel is truly a wonderful solution for safety and healthy boundaries.

Just got yourself a new buddy and you are not sure if he may slip through the fence? Introducing a fur friend into the family may be stressful at times, especially when you already have a pack or when little hands may get a bit rough with the little fellow. Not overlooking the puppy excitement or sharp little teeth that may become a bit overwhelming. Then at times, it’s a good place for our older dog that may just as well need some time and space away from the little newcomer’s excitement. It might also take the edge of introducing the newcomer to the existing pack when they first meet through a fence. Whatever the reason the Petmate Exercise Pen with Door – 8 Panel is a wonderful solution for setting perfect boundaries and bringing safety and peace to the family of a newbie.

Petmate Exercise Pen with Door – 8 Panel is made of a black rust-resistant electro-coated finish perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Ground sticks are provided to stabilise the pen when used outdoors.

The Petmate Exercise Pen with Door – 8 Panel is fitted with a double-latch door that shuts securely, but allows easy exit and entrance for the pet owner when need be.

The 8 panels have a solid hinge design that enables an easy set-up and fold-down – for transport and storage. Handy when camping. It even has a small hook hanging from the door to secure all of the panels together when the exercise pen is collapsed. The Petmate Exercise Pen with Door – 8Panels is fitted with a carry handle to facilitate easy transport.

The Petmate Exercise Pen with Door – 8 Panel comes with a snap hook assembly feature to enable the pen to attach to any wire crate allowing your new puppy or rescue to have an exercise pen outside his sleeping den. It also gives your rescue a little safe haven just outside his crate to venture into. The Petmate Exercise Pen with Door – 8 Panel can be configured in multiple ways to accommodate your needs. It can even be shaped as a square, rectangle or octagon. Used to block off a room by setting it up as a fence or fit it to another pen to enlarge his territory.

By putting bedding, food and toys into the pen you can help him have a private spot of his own.

Ensure that you buy the right size by measuring the dog when he is standing on his hind legs.

The Petmate Exercise Pen with Door – 8 Panel  comes in the sizes:

Small: 4.87 m L x 0.8 cm W x 61 cm H.
Medium: 4.87 m L x 0.8 cm W x 76.2 cm H.
Large: 4.87 m L x 0.8 cm W x 91.44 cm H.

Note: Size is based on the height of the panels and weighs:

Small: 9 kg.
Medium: 11.3 kg.
Large: 12.7.

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