Petmate Booda Wing-a-Ball Dog Toy


The Petmate Booda Wing-a-Ball Dog Toy is an excellent tug-and-fetch dog toy, infusing great interaction between you and your canine buddy. Prime one-on-one fun. Interactive play. Busting boredom. Monkey fist knot on the one end and a loop on the other to ensure a fair game of tug of war and a sure grip that enables you to throw the ball much further than usual.

The Petmate Booda Wing-a-Ball Dog Toy is an excellent way of ridding both of you of some excess energy and giving you both an excellent workout while nurturing the relationship with your favourite four-pawed buddy. Up to the challenge? Tug away. All is fair in love and war.

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Petmate Booda Wing-a-Ball Dog Toy is a classic dog toy that sets the stage for great interactive fun. Great for throw and retrieve, chase and tug-of-war games. The Petmate Booda Wing-a-Ball Dog Toy is made of high-quality braided Polypropylene rope with a monkey fist knot on one end. Equipped with a loop at the other end the Petmate Booda Wing-a-Ball Dog Toy has an excellent grip that enables the ball to be thrown much further. Petmate Booda Wing-a-Ball Dog Toy is a great toy for aiding your canine in burning off some excess energy and keeping him physically and mentally stimulated while interactively investing in building out the bond with your dog and seriously busting some boredom. Give your dog your undivided attention. Play Wing a Ball! Train up his muscles and spend some good times together!

Up for the challenge? Tug until the winner is revealed. 

The Petmate Booda Wing-a-Ball Dog Toy has great durability and is excellent for retrieving games and can withstand fierce tug games. Always supervise play and ensure your dog does not aim to chew on it. It is not designed to be a chew toy and is not intended for solo play. Always check to see if there are any worn-out toys and be a good pet parent and remove and replace it. Toys are beneficial to your dog’s well-being. 

The Petmate Booda Wing-a-Ball Dog Toy measures: 11 cm x 7.6 cm x 43 cm and weighs 0.163 kg.

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Weight 0.163 kg







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