Petlife Hotties with Red Polka Dot Fleece Cover

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Keep your pets warm and pain-free during the cold winter months with a Hotties, a microwaveable heat pad for your pet.

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The microwaveable Hotties is just like a hot water bottle, it will give continuous gentle warmth for hours. It is ideal to aid recovery and reduce stress, it will ease aches and pains in both cats and dogs or just for those cold wintery nights.

The Hotties has a patented inner thermal pack, chew and claw resistant, the product is free from wheat, gels and waxes, so 100% safe for your pet.

The Petlife Hotties will heat in the microwave in seconds but will stay warm for hours, relieving those sore muscles and joints.  It is covered in an attractive, soft and coxy polka dot fabric.




Weight 0.2 kg
Shipping dimensions 5 × 23 cm




  • Microwavable
  • Clinically proven to relieve aches and pains
  • Helps with muscle relaxation
  • Can relieve injury and reduce stress
  • Microwaves in minutes, stays warm for hours
  • Provides extra warmth and comfort in cold weather, times of stress and recuperation
  • Patented inner thermal pack
  • Chew and claw resistant
  • No wheats, no gels, no waxes – safe for the animal
  • Approximately 20 x 23 cm


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