Pet Qwerks Wood Antler (Smoked Cheese)


The Pet Qwerks Cheese-Infused Wood Antler Nylon Dog Chew is the durable, cheesy-flavoured dog chew your furry friend has been waiting for! Smoked-cheese flavoured right to the core, your dog will stay keen and engaged with this chew toy for hours on end.

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Deer antlers are a popular dog treat in the USA, but as with real bones, there’s always a risk of the antlers being too hard and damaging dogs’ teeth and hurting their gums. Chewed-on and broken-up pieces of antler can also cause obstructions in a dog’s GI tract. 

Pet Qwerks BarkBoneTM Natural Instincts Wood Antler Nylon Dog Chews may be a mouthful to us, but your dog would love a mouthful of this real wood, smoked cheese flavour-infused dog chew. It looks and feels like a real antler, but it’s made from artisan nylon and real wood. It encourages moderate chewers to gnash to their doggy-heart’s content without actually consuming the dog chew.

The smoked cheese flavour will keep those dog jaws chewing, which will help to relieve anxiety, boredom and stress, or simply satisfy your dog’s natural need to chew. The cheesy-flavoured wood antler will press your dog’s physical and emotional buttons and ensure they are a happy camper! 

Available in four sizes: Small, medium, large and extra large

Pet Qwerks advice

Choose a dog chew that is a bit bigger than your dog’s mouth – this encourages chewing rather than eating. This dog chew is only meant for chewing – not consumption. Always supervise your dog’s chew-time and playtime to ensure they engage safely with their toys and chews. 

If the Pet Qwerks BarkBoneTM Natural Instincts Wood Antler Nylon Dog Chew becomes damaged or starts to disintegrate because of hard chewing, remove and replace it to ensure your dog’s playtime is safe and enjoyable.

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  • Looks like an antler, feels like an antler
  • Tastes like smoked cheese – flavour-infused to the very core
  • Satisfies dogs’ natural instincts to chew
  • Physical and mental stimulation
  • Ideal for moderate chewers
  • Massages gums and cleans teeth
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-allergenicNot edible


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