Oxbow Enriched Life Hanging Mulberry Chew


Ready to enrich your small pet’s life? Oxbow Enriched Life Hanging Mulberry Chew supports your small animal’s instinctual behaviour in a fun and challenging way, keeping your pet happy and healthy. Your little muncher will love this chew toy ensuring stronger bonding between you and your pet. Enriched Life Hanging Mulberry Chew keeps it safe with untreated wood, natural fibres and vegetable-based dyes to nurture your pet’s nature every day. Munch Away, the Oxbow Way!


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Oxbow Enriched Life Hanging Mulberry Chew is a 100% pet-safe chew toy specially designed for rabbits, guinea pigs, rats and mice, and chinchillas. Made with coarse, high-quality natural materials to encourage healthy chewing all day. This chewable hanging toy provides engaging and rewarding play that nurtures your small sidekick’s natural behaviour and encourages tons of squealing delight.

Oxbow knows the importance of daily enrichment for your small pet’s mental, emotional and physical well-being. Oxbow offers a wide variety of items to provide fun, stimulating play and help prevent cage boredom. Enriched Life Hanging Mulberry Chew with its chewable sticks are the paw-fect size, texture and taste for your best bud’s bite turning their habitat into an exciting and intriguing world!

Suitable for: Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Rats and Mice, and Chinchillas.

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Chinchilla, Guinea Pig, Mice, Rabbit, Rats, Small Animals




Mulberry Stick, Sisal, Gugertree Wood.

Features and Benefits

  • Made with coarse, high-quality natural materials to promote essential dental wear.
  • Attaches easily to the habitat for added enrichment.
  • Encourages mental and physical enrichment.
  • Adds visual and tactile enrichment to the daily routine.
  • Supports your pet’s instinctual chewing and playing behaviours.
  • Offer a variety of Enriched Life chews and engagement items in the habitat daily to keep your pet’s life enriched.


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