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Olympic dog food is a very popular brand among pet owners who are mindful of their dogs’ nutritional needs. Whether puppy, playful, overweight, working, arthritic or senior, the Olympic Professional range meets and exceeds your dog’s food requirements. Their food products come with a 100% money-back guarantee – which means that Olympic believe in the superior quality of their nutrition and so should you.

Is Olympic Professional food recommended by vets?

Olympic Professional dog food (which includes the dry food as well as treats and biscuits) is formulated with the help of vets and nutritionists, and made from local and imported ingredients. Since it is only available at vet practices and veterinary specialist retailers (like right here at Pet Hero), Olympic Professional is certainly recommended by vets!

What is Smart Nutrition?

Smart Nutrition is Olympic Professional’s way of ensuring you feed your dog the nutritionally-balanced food and treats that are appropriate for his breed/size, age, activity level, sensitivities (if any) and any other health conditions he may be experiencing. No two dogs are equal, so Olympic Professional has got you covered in ensuring your dog gets smart nutrition that matches his individual needs.

Try the Olympic Professional Denta Care Treats to treat your dog while looking after his pearly whites. Olympic Professional Senior & Lite ensure that your older dog gets his complete nutrition without packing on the pounds. And Olympic Professional Vital Condition will take good care of your dog’s digestive health as well as his skin and coat.

Where is Olympic Professional manufactured?

Olympic Professional is manufactured in Isando in Johannesburg. This local factory is a state-of-the-art, certified facility that strictly adheres to international manufacturing quality standards and also exports to Europe. The ingredients and each final product are rigorously tested to ensure consumption quality and safety for your pet.