Montego XenPet Mobility Chews for Dogs

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Montego XenPet Mobility Chews for Dogs can assist with ensuring healthy bones and joints. It is ideal for breeds that are prone to hip and joint disorders. 

    Dogs may lose mobility for several reasons, including injury, illness, and degeneration, but mobility doesn’t need to be a problem with the appropriate care and consideration and love.

    Other simple things you can do to make your home environment more comfortable for your mobility challenged pet include:

    • Ensure nails are regularly checked and trimmed; 
    • A ramp or doggy stairs to assist your pet with getting into the car or onto the bed or couch;
    • Keep food and water dishes in close reach;
    • Maintain a moderate temperature indoors;
    • Provide a thick, padded bed; 
    • Supplement your doggo’s diet with Montego XenPet Mobility Chews for Dogs;
    • Use area rugs for traction on slippery floors;
    • Use non-stick stair treads on stairs.

    Montego XenPet Mobility Chews for Dogs is available in a 240 g container with a soft chew formulation.

    Weight0.240 kg
    Shipping dimensions13.8 × 7.7 cm






    • Soft chew formula;
    • Trusted Brand.


    Montego XenPet Mobility Chews is made with the finest natural ingredients:

    • Glucosamine and chondroitin boost joint mobility and ease stiffness;
    • Collagen stabilises joints and alleviates age-related aches;
    • Boswellia serrata – smooth, comfortable joint movement;
    • Turmeric contains active compound curcumin which ensures flexibility


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