Montego XenPet Digestive Chews for Dogs

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Montego XenPet Digestive Chews for Dogs offers the ideal way to improve nutrient absorption and aids the liver in eliminating toxins to ensure a healthy gut in your fur baby.

    Probiotics for your dog is very often an overlooked aspect of your pet’s health. Good gut health is key to your doggo feeling in tip-top shape. Bacteria in the gut is created by the foods both we and our pets eat, so if your pet is not eating nutritiously, the gut will not be functioning properly, which will affect your pup’s health. 

    Digestive issues can be a problem in your pet and can develop over time. This would need a different approach on your side. Montego XenPet Digestive Chews for Dogs can get your pup’s diet on track, giving him the appropriate nutrients and ingredients that he requires.

    Montego XenPet Digestive Chews for Dogs is a tummy-friendly treat for your pooch.

    Montego offers dependable, high-quality pet care with a complete range of premium supplements and grooming products for gentle, effective pet care.

    Montego XenPet Digestive Chews will come to the rescue of your pet’s belly by offering the full benefit of quality ingredients, and the trusted Montego brand.

    Available in a 240 g container with a soft chew formulation.

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    Montego XenPet Digestive Chews is made with the finest natural ingredients:

    • Probiotics good gut bacteria for improving nutrient absorption, which will, in turn, strengthen the immune system;
    • Inulin and mannan-oligosacchardes are plant-based prebiotics to stimulate the growth of probiotics in the gut;
    • Milk thistle aids the liver to eliminate harmful toxins;
    • Bromelain is a digestive enzyme that supports dietary change and a healthy digestive tract.


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