Montego XenPet Allergy Chews for Dogs

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Is your dog-precious suffering from seasonal and/or environmental allergies? Montego XenPet Allergy Chews may assist in relieving and soothing these challenges. 

    Allergies in dogs and pets are more common than we think and can be even more of a mystery to diagnose and treat than in humans. When humans experience allergy symptoms, we tell our doctor exactly what symptoms we feel, and the problem gets sorted. Your pet cannot tell, so you and your Vet have to work together to figure out what is causing the issue and how to give your dog allergy relief.

    Humans with allergies tend to sneeze, but dogs with allergies tend to itch. If your doggo has red, irritated skin and is constantly licking at her paws, she may be allergic to something in her environment or her food.

    Montego offers dependable, high-quality pet care with a complete range of premium supplements and grooming products for gentle, effective pet care.

    Montego XenPet Allergy Chews will come to the rescue to alleviate itchiness and discomfort by offering the full benefit of quality ingredients and the trusted Montego brand.

    Available in a 240 g container with a soft chew formulation.

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    • Soft chew formula;
    • Trusted Brand.


    Montego XenPet Allergy Chews is made with the finest natural ingredients:

    • Quercitin help to alleviate itchiness and discomfort;
    • Liquorice root assist to help your doggo not to scratch;
    • Bromelain relief from irritation and allergic reactions;
    • Tumeric root relieves itchiness and ease joint mobility.


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