Montego Classic Adult Dog Wet Food Beef with Vegetables


Montego Pet Nutrition Classic Wet food: flavoured with Succulent Beef and Healthy Veggies for Adult Dogs.

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Montego Classic Wet Food, Succulent Beef and Wholesome Veggies contain the perfect amount of nutrition your dog needs for a healthy diet. Montego Classic Wet food for dogs consists of liver, lung and kidney and fats (from chicken skin) and is, therefore a great source of protein and has a high level of amino acids and essential fatty acids.

Montego Classic Wet Food can be given to your dog as a complete meal, or it can be mixed with dry food. Wet food is tastier than dry food so incorporate it into dry food to encourage dogs to have dry food as a daily meal.


  • Consists of offal meat (liver, lung, kidneys)

  • Serves as a source of protein

  • Contains high levels of amino acids and essential fatty acids

  • Perfect complement with any Montego diet

  • Can be fed as a complete meal or mixed with dry kibbles

  • Suitable for adult dogs of all breeds and sizes.

  • Montego Classic Wet Food is available in two sizes 385g and 775g

Ingredients include Meat and animal derivatives, sufficient water for processing, cereals, seasonal vegetables, thickening agents, sensory additives PLUS vitamins and minerals.

Pros and cons for Wet dog food:

Wet foods can be a good source of hydration.

Elderly dogs can lose their olfactory senses so they will be inclined to eat foods with a richer scent and flavour.

Wet foods are comfort foods for the dogs who are sick.

Wet foods do not clean the teeth as dry foods do.

Wet foods lose their shelf life as soon as it is opened

Wet foods can be more expensive than dry food.

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Water sufficient for processing, chicken (including deboned), pork, beef liver, chicken fat, seasonal vegetables, wheat flour, meat by-products, sodium phosphate, guar gum and salt.

Additives (/kg): Nutritional: Vitamin A 500 IU, Vitamin D3 62 IU, Vitamin E 8 IU, potassium chloride 300 mg, zinc sulphate 7.2 mg and potassium iodide 0.07 mg; Sensory: Sugars, caramel and erythrosine colourant.

Feeding Guide

Weight of Dog

Cans Per Day

Grams Per Day (Cans Only)

Kibble & Can Mix Per Day

1 – 10 kg Up to 2⅓ Up to 895
90g dry + up to 1 can
10 – 20 kg 2⅓- 4 895 – 1500
150 g dry + 1 – 2 cans
20 – 30 kg 4 – 5 ¼ 1500 – 2035
205 g dry + 2 – 2⅔ cans
30 – 40 kg 5¼ – 6½ 2035 – 2525
255 g dry + 2⅔ – 3¼ cans
40 – 50 kg+ 7¾ + 2985+
310 g dry + 4 cans

Weight of Dog

Pouches (85 g) Per Day

Kibble & Pouch Mix Per Day

1 – 5 kg 2 – 5
50 g dry + 1 – 2 pouches
5 – 10 kg 5 – 10
90 g dry + 2 – 5 pouches
10 – 20 kg 10 – 17½
150 g dry + 5 – 8 ½ pouches

Typical Analysis

As Is

Dry Matter

Crude protein 6% 33%
Moisture 82%
Total fat 3% 22%
Crude fibre 0.80% 4%
Crude ash 2% 11%
Metabolisable energy 70 kcal/100g 395 kcal/100g


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