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Moderna Slomo Dog Bowl

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Is your dog’s fast-paced eating habits concerning you? Are you worried about his digestion system? Is bloating or flatulence a problem? Then the Moderna Slomo Dog Bowl is just the bowl you need to help your dog eat at a more leisurely pace. Sorting out his fast pace eating will help him feel full and look more satisfied after eating. This will aid you not to overfeed him. The Moderna Slomo Dog Bowl is a lovely addition to your dog’s food corner and is fun and functional too. Made of high-quality plastic, it is sturdy and comes with a non-slip bottom so that it won’t move around or tip over. The Bowl your dog will love.

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Moderna Slomo Dog Bowl is an ergonomically designed dog feeder that will aid your dog in slowing down his eating habits. Although it might be more of a concern to us to see them gulping down their food than it might be to them, slowing down their eating habits might be a good idea anyhow.
For dogs, as for humans, it takes the brain approximately 20 minutes to register that they are full once they started eating. It is only when the food reaches the gut that the brain sends out signals of being full. Leisurely eating gives the food time to reach the gut and the brain ample time to send out signals of feeling full by the time the food is finished. Slowing down fast eating habits may also reduce the temptation of overfeeding your dog, as he might still look hungry after he gulped down his food. And although it doesn’t affect all dogs as much, eating at a fast pace may cause them to swallow more air that will cause bloating, flatulence and digestion problems.
The Moderna Slomo Dog Bowl has raised contours that resemble “a ball-in-a-maze-puzzle-game” that will aid your dog in slowing him down when eating. The Moderna Slomo Dog Bowl is BPA-free and made of high-quality plastic, which makes it completely safe. It is sturdy and comes with an anti-slip-rubber-grip, keeping it from slipping or toppling over.
The Moderna Slomo Dog Bowl holds 950 ml and is suitable for medium to large breeds. The Moderna Slomo Dog Bowl comes in colours black and white.
A fun and functional way of sorting out fast pace eating, while it will give the food corner quite a striking look. Oh, give your dog that Bowl.
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