Moderna Linerbags For Cats


Are you wondering how to take the yucky out of cleaning your kitty’s litter box? Thanks to Moderna Linerbags For Cats, the mystery is solved. The Moderna Linerbags give you a quick and easy solution to removing Kitty’s doodoo without unwanted odours or residue lingering around.

Line the litter box with the liner bags before adding the cat litter. When cleaning day comes, fold the Linerbag’s edges back and tie it tight—no mess, no fuss, no residue, and no odours escaping the bag.

Aren’t the Moderna Linerbags pleasing meows? No more catfights about who is to clean the cat litter box.

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Are you looking for a convenient solution to simplify the task of cleaning your cat’s litter box? Look no further than Moderna Linerbags For Cats! These amazing Linerbags not only make the process easier but also help keep the litter box fresh and hygienic.

Using Moderna Linerbags is a breeze. Just line the tray with one of the liner bags before adding the cat litter. When it’s time to clean, fold back the ends of the liner bag and tie them together, securely enclosing the used cat litter. This method is quick, easy, and far more hygienic than attempting to throw it into a regular bag or dustbin, which can release unpleasant odours. Say goodbye to mess and fuss!

One of the significant advantages of Moderna Linerbags is that they eliminate residue in the cat litter box that would otherwise need to be cleaned out, thus keeping the box intact for more extended periods. It’s a bonus feature that saves you time and effort!

Moderna Linerbags For Cats are available in two sizes: large (57 x 44 cm) and x-large (65 x 49 cm), ensuring compatibility with almost any cat litter box. Each roll contains ten bags, providing you with plenty of convenience.

With Moderna Linerbags, cleaning your cat’s litter box becomes fast, easy, and hygienic. It’s the smart choice for any cat owner!

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  • Designed to make cleaning easier
  • Can be used with any of our litter trays and boxes
  • Linerbags make litter disposal much easier


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