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MILBEMAX® is a deworming product for dogs and cats, made by animal health company Elanco. Elanco has a decades-long history in the production and companion animal health sphere, developing products that protect and enhance animal health. Their mission in the companion animal industry is to help pet owners support their pets living longer, healthier lives. Elanco’s research and development is focused on creating therapeutic solutions to prevent and treat pain and disease, to extend the length of life while enhancing quality of life and to improve overall the type of care that pets receive.

With that in mind, MILBEMAX® is a palatable deworming chew that targets a wide range of internal parasitic worms, controlling larval and adult stages of hookworms, tapeworms, roundworms and whipworms. MILBEMAX® for dogs comes in a range of dosages depending on the size of the dog and the dosage required. MILBEMAX® Cat comes in two dosages: for adult cats and for kittens.

MILBEMAX® protects pets from parasites for up to three months at a time and should be given four times a year.