Mikki Tick Picker


Ticks can be such a pest to our pets, so why not get rid of them with the Mikki Tick Picker.  This tick picker tool easily removes the ticks from your pet’s skin. Keep your pet save from those nasty ticks with Mikki Tick Picker.

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Do ticks bother your cat or dog? Well, the Mikki Tick Picker tool makes it easy to remove those irritating pests. Ticks can make your pets uncomfortable, so please remove the tick immediately after you’ve spotted it. They can also carry diseases that can cause your pet to be ill.

When using Mikki Tick Picker, you want to put the tick in between the bigger part closest to the handle, then draw the Mikki Tick Picker towards the tick. Do it slowly but firmly. When the tick is firmly gripped in the tick picker, carefully lift it away from your pet’s skin. Dispose of the tick immediately by squashing it in toilet paper or throwing it in the toilet. It is recommended that you clean the area on the skin where the tick was with disinfection.

Keep your pet save from ticks with Mikki Tick Picker.

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