Mikki Double Thinning Scissors for Thick/Dense Coats


Long hair on dogs with thick or dense coats needs to be cut regularly because, without regular haircuts, the dog will be carrying around tons of matted coat, leading to misery for the dog as well as the owner. This is especially important in the winter – dry air means the hair mats more easily.  The Mikki Double Thinning Scissors for Thick/Dense Coats is your ideal tool to relieve your pet from excess hair.

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The Mikki Double Thinning Scissors for Thick/Dense Coats have extra strong, heat-treated blades with micro-serrated edges to make them long-lasting and precise.

The Mikki Thinning Scissors have double thinning blades to easily work through your dog’s thick and dense coat. They also have a finger rest providing the user with extra control.

Mikki Double Thinning Scissors effectively thin and shape the coat, trimming long hair in sensitive areas. The tipped blades are also ideal for trimming the hair around sensitive areas such as the anus, ears and muzzle if required, and help the coat lay flat along the back and sides of a dog, generally helping to keep them looking tidy between clippings.

Mikki Double Thinning Scissors is suitable for all coat types for effective thinning and tidying of the coat and ensures great results.  The Mikki Dubble Thinning Scissors also feature micro-serrated edges for extra precision and a long-lasting, highly durable design.

  • Premium quality single thinning scissors for great results;
  • Micro-serrated edges for precise grooming;
  • Durable, heat-treated stainless steel creating a precise cutting blade for optimal grooming;
  • Suitable for thick/dense coat types to effectively thin and tidy the coat.

Important: keep out of reach of children. Use extra care when using any grooming aid with sharp edges






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  • Premium quality;
  • Micro-serrated edges;
  • Durable;
  • Comfortable finger holes;
  • Suitable for thick/dense coats;
  • Ideal for sensitive areas on your pet’s body.


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