Mighty Microfiber T-Rex


Mighty Microfiber T-Rex is a fuzzy little character that has a lot of interactive playtime fun in store for your dog friend. Fitted with 6 squeakers securely stitched into pockets all over his cute body, he is sure to entertain your dog for hours on end. This orange T-Rex is fashioned with Micro fibre that is super soft and super fun as the inner and outer fleece is fashioned in a way that slides across each other with your dog’s jaw motion to restrict him from tearing or ripping it apart. Dino-Strong. Super Soft and Stimulating Squeaker fun.

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Mighty Microfiber T-Rex with its friendly embroidered moon-round eyes and serrated teeth is here to leave its prehistoric footprint. This super cute orange microfibre dino dog toy is super soft yet robustly tough as the layers are crafted to slide across each other with your dog’s jaw motion making it hard to rip or tear. Dino-strong.

Each T-Rex is sewn together with 2 rows of cross-stitching and 2 rows of linear stitching and has an additional piece of webbing trim which protects the sewing edge and makes the toy even stronger.

The Mighty Microfiber T-Rex is crafted with multiple squeaker balls that reduce the amount of standard Polyfil fibre stuffing and provide your fur friend with some super exciting entertaining playtime fun. Giving him all the mental and physical stimulation he needs to destress and relax while exercising his natural foraging skills.

The Mighty Microfiber T-Rex has great longevity and with its super soft exterior, it is gentle on the gums, making it a lovely toy to play toss and retrieve with and cuddle up with after play. Time well spent with the Tyranno-snaurus.

The Mighty Microfibre T-Rex comes in a size of  25 cm.

The Mighty Microfibre T-Rex is easy to wash, simply wash it in a washing machine and allow it to air dry.

A great thing about the Mighty Microibre T-Rex is that it floats making it a great water toy. 

Though the Mighty Microfibre T-Rex has great longevity no toy is ever indestructible. Be sure to regularly check your dog’s toys for wear and tear. Be sure to remove and replace toys that are worn out. Toys are not a luxury. Toys are a necessity for keeping your dog’s wellness in check.

The Mighty Microfibre T-Rex is approximately 25 cm


Suitable for Small to Medium Dogs

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