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Showing 1–12 of 19 results

The MIGHTY® range of dog toys is named after their characteristic of being mighty tough! There are a few themed series of toys under this brand, which will give your dog months and years of fun with tough, durable dog toys. Whether your dog loves wild animals, small critters, farm animals or the moody characters of the Mighty Angry range, MIGHTY® dog toys has just the right character for your furry friend.

What sets MIGHTY® apart is the high quality and durability of their toys. Their balls and plush toys comprise a double layer of outer material, which is not easily punctured by enthusiastic dog teeth, and double-stitched to ensure extra strength. The plush toys also float in water, so your playful pooch can have fun and get wet and his MIGHTY® toys will survive playtime!

The microfiber balls range have a soft exterior, but an interior filled with squeakers to give your dog the added motivation to catch, chew and tug on these colourful and fun toys.