Medpet IntestiPet

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Medpet IntestiPet is the perfect aid to support and boost the growth of beneficial bacteria in your pet’s large and small intestines. This pre- and pro-biotic immunostimulant can also be used for stressed pets or pets that have been treated with a course of antibiotics.

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    Good gut health in pets is just as vital as in humans. Prebiotics and pro-biotics serve the function of promoting and enabling the “good guys” in your pet’s body. In other words, pre- and pro-biotics allow beneficial gut bacteria to grow and thrive. If you want to ensure your doggo or kit-cat receives the right energy source, Medpet IntestiPet is an ideal choice.

    Medpet IntestiPet has ensured that healthy gut guidelines are maintained by combining both pre- and pro-biotics to inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria. Medpet IntestiPet also aids mineral absorption and is an excellent product to improve the health of young pets such as puppies and kittens.

    Aids, supports and boosts the growth of beneficial bacteria in the large and small intestines of animals.

    Available in a 500 g tub.

    Weight0.500 kg



    Cat, Dog



    • Specially formulated for both cats and dogs;
    • Can also be used for pets to treat diarrhea;
    • Combining pre- and pro-biotics for good gut health.


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