Medpet Fly Repel


With natural plant oils and lanolin, Medpet Fly Repel is easy to use to protect your pet precious against flies and ticks. Suited for all dogs, but not recommended for use on puppies as it may cause irritation on your pup’s sensitive skin.

What is AutoShip

If you are faced with a fly infestation in your house, your doggo may be suffering more than you know. Flies are super annoying to dogs, and fly bites can also irritate your pet baby’s skin and cause infections.

The following may assist in getting rid of flies and ticks as well as preventing further bites:

  • Changing your cleaning habits and using everyday cleaners;
  • Grooming your dog often;
  • Cleaning your home regularly;
  • And using fly repellents, such as Medpet Fly Repel.

All these measures can keep these pests away from your doggie.

Medpet Fly Repel is an easy-use, wipe-and-spray application to keep flies and ticks at bay.

The added Cypermethrin in a special ultraviolet resistant base ensures long-acting efficacy.

Available in a 250 ml spray bottle.

Additional information

Weight0.250 kg



Cat, Dog



  • Cost effective;
  • Contains natural plant oils;
  • Easy to use.


  • Cypermethrin 0,25 %m/v
  • Piperonyl butoxide 1,25 % m/v
  • Natural plant oils 0,025% m/v
  • Lanolin 1,00% m/v


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