Mbuni Ostrich Runners Dog Treat


Mbuni Ostrich Runners Dog Treat is an excellent choice for dogs with more sensitive stomachs. It contains very little fat, so there is no greasy mess to clean up, and they hardly smell – which is a plus for us humans! Mbuni Ostrich Runners Dog Treat is suitable for all dogs. This delicious treat will have your doggie running circles to get you to open the treat pack!

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Happy pet, happy life – right? Mbuni Pet Treats believes in this slogan and that your furry friend deserves treats of only the highest quality. That is why they’ve done the hard work so that you are assured of only the best.

Just like humans, dogs love food treats. And just like us, dogs sometimes get too many calories from their treats – be it as a way of reward or simply because we love them so much and they’re too cute not to spoil! When giving your pets meat, remember to remove the skin and fat. If it’s not healthy for you, it’s not healthy for your dog.

Lean meat (chicken, beef, pork and ostrich) with no added sauces or seasonings and no visible fat can be a great training treat. Meaty treats can also add a bit of extra protein of good quality to your dog’s diet. Lean meat is the building block of muscle in your dog’s body as it is an excellent, balanced source of amino acids.

That’s why Mbuni Ostrich Runners Dog Treat can be given either as a training treat or an in-betweener for your dog. No salt, soy, grain or sugar is used. No artificial preservatives or colourants are added to preserve the life of our products.

A natural smoking method is used as a preservative, allowing these treats to have a lovely smokey smell which dogs can’t resist.

This proudly South African product is available in two sizes: Small (6-pack, weighing 198 g) and Large (2-pack, weighing 210 g).

Please note: Treats should not make up more than 10% of your dog’s total diet. 


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Features and Benefits

  • High Protein, low fat;
  • 100% natural ostrich meat;
  • No colourants;
  • Grain, soy and salt-free;
  • No artificial preservatives.


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