Marltons Wild Bird Seed


Marltons Wild Bird Seed will have wild birds flocking to your garden. It offers birds a wide variety of seed tastes and experiences, to ensure their need for a healthy, balanced diet is met and to keep them coming back for more.

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Marltons Wild Bird Seed will bring a variety of wild birds into your garden as they seek out the nutritional variety of sunflower seeds, grains like red and yellow millet, oats, and other energy-rich seeds.

This wild bird seed mix is easily scattered on balconies and patios to bring wild birds right to your door, or offered on feeding trays or garden bird feeders mounted in trees, on fence posts or on downpipes. Offer this nutritional mix of wild bird seed all year round and keep your garden birds healthy, happy and well-fed.

Give your garden birds high-quality bird food (going cheep!) and ensure they also have access to a constant supply of fresh water to stay clean and hydrated.

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–  A variety of different seeds to produce a balanced feed and diet for each bird type
– Marltons seed is graded, sorted and then cleaned of all impurities and dust

Feeding Guidelines

Fill the bird feeder or feeding station anytime and anywhere.

Remove any seed that has become wet, as it releases toxins and can cause illness in birds.


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