Marltons Spoons Bird Toy


Did you know that birds have a broader colour spectrum than we do? Birds enjoy colour and sound.

The Marltons Spoons Bird Toy will brighten up your feathered friend’s surroundings. Capture his attention and intrigue interactive play with the little jingle from a tinkling bell, securely fitted at the bottom of the multi-coloured stick and bead wooden toy. The Marltons Spoons Bird toy is sensibly made to keep your bird physically and mentally stimulated and entertained.

Give him a wide range of toys to explore, and be sure to rotate it weekly to keep him actively entertained and engaged.

Enrich your bird’s life with The Marltons Spoons Bird Toy. He will love the colour and the sound it brings!

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The Marltons Spoons Bird Toy is a bright and entertaining bird toy that will physically and mentally stimulate your feathered friend. Sensibly made with durable and all-natural material, this toy will give your bird safe playtime fun. The Marltons Spoons Bird Toy is fitted with a cute jingle bell which will capture your bird’s attention and intrigue him to some wholesome interactive play. 

Birds have a broader colour spectrum, and introducing The Marltons Spoons Bird Toy, with different coloured sticks and beads, will brighten up their lives and help keep them from boredom and depression.

Providing your caged bird with a range of toys will capture their attention and give them a unique sense of pleasure. Clawing, pecking, pushing and climbing on The Marltons Spoons Bird Toy will enrich his cage experience and better their muscle strength.

Be sure to treat your feathered friend with a few Marltons toys and ensure that The Marltons Spoons Bird Toy is one of them. Your feathered friend will love you for it.

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