Marltons Simon Says Bird Toy


Toys contribute to both the mental and physical health of your bird. A toy such as this bright and cheery Marltons Simon Says Bird Toy is necessary to maintain your bird’s good health. It can easily be hung from the top of your feathered friend’s cage.

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Toys contribute to both the mental and physical health of your bird. In nature, birds of all species are always active. So, only sitting on a perch all day is not only unnatural and unhealthy but an unstimulated bird might be considered a neglected bird.

If you have a normally busy lifestyle, you often can’t be there for your pet bird every minute of the day. Birds spend a significant amount of time on their own. So, what do these smart creatures then do with all of that time?

This colourful, wooden Marltons Simon Says Bird Toy and other Marltons bird toys will ensure hours of fun for your avian friend with space to perch and playtime with the attached bell.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Shipping dimensions 25 × 15 × 4 cm





Volumetric weight 0.30 kg


  • Can be hung from your bird’s cage;
  • Offers stimulation.


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