Marltons Reflective Lead


Make sure you and your dog keep safe when going on those lovely night walks or when there is low visibility. The Marltons Reflective Lead will ensure you are safe, visible, and out of danger.



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No one likes to walk with their dog in the dark with no visibility. The stress of not being seen by cars driving past is not worth it. The Marltons Reflective Lead is the stress-free solution you and your dog need. This lead makes it much easier to see your best friend while walking together at night.

The Marltons Reflective Lead is made from nylon material so your best friend can look great and feel comfortable while showing off his brand-new fancy lead.

The Marltons Reflective Lead is available in six different colours: Pink, Blue, Black, Orange, Red and Lime Green.

Available in three different sizes:
Small: 15 mm
Medium: 20 mm
Large: 25 mm

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