Marltons Micro Cat Litter Crystals


1 Cat, 1 Bag, 1 Month! This is the Marltons Micro Cat Litter Crystals tagline and promise, ensuring these cat litter crystals are a super easy, super-efficient option for you and your kit-cat.

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As you know, your cat will instinctively excrete in sand or soil, which can make it tricky to train your cat when indoors. Marltons Micro Cat Litter Crystals offer a super fine texture, making it a great choice for kittens and cats with sensitive paws. With anti-bacterial beads, clump-free, and a super absorbent formulation to lock odours inside.

Say goodbye to the unpleasantness of smelly cat litter!

Available in a 1.5 kg bag.

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Weight 1.5 kg





Features and Benefits

  • Anti-bacterial;
  • Clump free;
  • Super fine texture.


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