Marltons Crystal Cat Litter


Marltons Crystal Cat Litter is a super absorbent crystal cat litter with anti-bacterial blue beads for a more hygienic, odour-free pet-friendly environment.

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Marltons Crystal Cat Litter is specially constructed with silica sand crystals which have microscopic pores that work like a sponge, to quickly soak up the liquid and lock in odours to ensure that your home keeps on smelling fresher for longer.

The Marltons Crystal Cat Litter includes unique anti-bacterial blue beads that aid you in keeping the tray more hygienic for longer.

The Marltons Crystal Cat is available in 1.8 kg and 3.6 kg.

Clump Free. Crystals stay dry. Odours Free. Reduced Tracking. Anti-bacterial. Hygienic.

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  • Litter Crystal Technology
  • No More Tracks
  • Locks odours inside
  • Hygienic
  • Hassel free
  • Easy to use.

Easy to use

For best results ensure tray is filled to a depth of 4 to 5 cm.

Large trays may require more than 1 bag.

Remove dry solid waste.

After solid waste is removed, stir crystals to ensure even distribution.

The irregular crystal shape reduces tracking of litter outside the tray.

No need to constantly top up the tray.

Replace the entire tray contents following the suggested replacement guide

Discolouring of the litter crystals does not affect their absorbing effectiveness.

Replacement Guide

1 bag of Marltons Crystal litter will last:

For 1 cat  –  25 – 30 days

2 cats  –  10 – 15 days

3 cats  –  7 – 10 days.


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