Marltons Bitter Bite Prevents Puppies Chewing


Is your precious fat belly chewing everything he can? Bitter Bite Prevents Puppies Chewing is used on household items and will prevent your puppy from chewing and biting. This non-toxic, bitter-tasting formulation may help prevent your pet from chewing or biting your furniture, carpets, shoes, etc.

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How do you get your puppy to stop biting and chewing? Just like human babies, it is very common for puppies to chew on objects during the teething stage to relieve discomfort. Dogs prefer using their mouths rather than their paws for manipulating objects. This behaviour starts in puppyhood as young pups start to explore the world around them.

While puppy biting and chewing may be cute at the beginning, these little nips can turn into painful bites. And your furniture and household items can pay the price. Your puppy’s teeth are very sharp, and dogs often don’t know how hard they’re biting and chewing. Behaviour training can help as well as utilising a clever tool like Bitter Bite Prevents Puppies Chewing.

Bitter Bite Prevents Puppies Chewing is ideal for applying onto bandages to discourage your pet from removing them after veterinary treatment. It is also great as a training tool to ensure that your pup understands that your furniture is not for chewing.

Marltons offer a trusted pet care option for you and your pet precious.

Bitter Bite Prevents Puppies Chewing is available in a 250 ml bottle.

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Weight 0.25 kg
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Volumetric weight 0.16 kg

Directions for use

For use on household or surfaces only. Simply spray on surface.


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