Marltons Activated Bone Charcoal


Marltons Activated Bone Charcoal is specially formulated for effective fish tank filtration. This magic ingredient for fish tanks will dissolve organic molecules found in your tap water, chlorine and chloramine, some heavy metals, and growth-inhibiting pheromones released by your fish.

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Activated carbon absorbs dissolved contaminants such as chloramine and chlorine, tannins (which colour fish tank water), and phenols (which can cause odours).

Marltons Activated Bone Charcoal will enable fresher, cleaner aquarium water and can ensure that your fish tank water doesn’t turn yellow. Activated carbon has been used in home aquariums for decades.

Carbon is exhausted relatively quickly when used in an aquarium filter. For this reason, if you use activated carbon continuously, the carbon should be replaced regularly.

Activated carbon is made from carbonaceous material. It is heat-treated at very high temperatures to create many tiny pores, greatly increasing the surface area. These tiny pores and massive surface area allow the filter media to trap a large volume of material, thus making it ideal for removing pollutants and contaminants from air and water.

Marltons Activated Bone Charcoal is best used in conjunction with Marlton’s Filter Floss (padding designed to catch more considerable waste and debris in your tank).

Marltons Activated Bone Charcoal is available in a 250 g bottle.

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Features and Benefits

  • Perfectly safe for your fish.

Directions for use

Since activated carbon binds with the pollutants it removes, it will become saturated and can no longer remove additional pollutants. Therefore, the carbon must be regularly replaced—once per month is usually sufficient. Longer times between replacements will not harm your aquarium, but the carbon will gradually lose its ability to remove toxins and pollutants from the water.

If your aquarium water turns yellow or you smell an odour, it is time to replace the activated carbon in your aquarium.


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