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Looking for a fun and easy way to help take care of your cat’s dental health and breath? Then the Mark + Chappell Healthy Bites – Breath and Dental is just what you’re looking for. Help your feline by giving her a yummy treat that will aid her with a minty fresh breath and the best dental health. One creamy treat at a time because you care. 

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The Mark + Chappell Healthy Bites – Breath and Dental is a yummy dental treat for your feline, which helps prevent plaque formation and reduce tartar build-up. This product has no artificial colouring, preservatives or flavourants and is wheat-free. 

The crispy cereal shells will massage gums and scrape the tooth surface. It is enhanced with creamy filled centres, which is loaded with anti-microbial, naturally anti-bacterial, duck and breath freshening ingredients. It also has 1% Omega-3 and 2% Omega-6 fatty acids, which benefits your cat’s skin and coat and contains clover leaf oil and parsley seeds for fresh breath. 

The Mark + Chappell Healthy Bites – Breath and Dental is suitable for sterilised cats and has added vitamins and minerals. This cat treat has 29 servings and has less than two calories per bite, and is suitable for weight management for your cat. Give your cat something to look forward to because by using these treats, there’s no brushing required for a result of healthy teeth and gums. 

Help your cat and bring her some relief in the tastiest way possible.

The Mark + Chappell Healthy Bites – Breath and Dental is available in a 65 g pack. 

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