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Manage your dog's health needs with good dog food and nutraceuticals

Manage your dog’s health needs with good dog food and nutraceuticals

[Sponsored content] We all want that perfect, squishy little pup to grow up into a healthy and robust dog, but sometimes that’s not always pawsible. As with any living creature, all it takes is genetic luck of the draw, injury, or even environmental influences for that cute puppy to develop a chronic medical issue. Some conditions like joint problems and hip dysplasia may be present from birth, requiring special care even from puppydom. Some health conditions like skin or food allergies develop over time or can suddenly appear, while some conditions like arthritis or kidney disease are related to the ageing process of your senior pooch.

These medical conditions are not a death sentence, nor do they require taking out a second bond to treat or manage. Each individual case needs to be carefully assessed by a veterinarian, who can then recommend the appropriate treatment. However, these chronic conditions can often be managed with a change in your furry friend’s diet and the addition of nutraceuticals: specially formulated, high-potency nutritional aids packed with natural ingredients that help to manage and support your dog’s health needs.

VetsBrands has identified this need in dogs with specific health conditions and offers the solution of dog food + nutraceutical = improved health and wellbeing.

VetsBrands Premium Dog Food + nutraceuticals for joint care

Premium Puppy Food + CartliFocus

Many large breed puppies are at risk for developing joint problems if they play or exercise too vigorously during their very rapid early growth stages. Some breeds are also more susceptible to hip and elbow dysplasia, which is why VetsBrands has developed a dog food specifically aimed at meeting the needs of large breed puppies. It contains optimal caloric supply from the perfect ratio of quality proteins and fats, as well as balanced minerals to ensure controlled and sustained growth up to the age of 24 months. The amino acid profile (from single-source, high-quality chicken) is focused on the digestibility of ingredients to support optimal growth and organ development. The addition of omega-3 and -6 fatty acids puts health and shine into large puppies’ skin and coat.

Pair Premium Large Breed Puppy Food with the nutraceutical CartliFocus and your large breed puppy will be protected from congenital degenerative joint disease. CartliFocus is specifically indicated for the protection of joint integrity in active, working dogs and in giant breed puppies and dogs. It contains avocado and soybean unsaponifiable (ASU), which reduces inflammation, working hand-in-hand with glucosamine and chondroitin to protect and support your puppy’s joint cartilage.

Premium Adult Maintenance Dog Food + ArthroFocus

If your adult dog is showing early signs of degenerative joint disease, now is the time to support their condition with a super premium dog food and nutraceutical combination that’s tailored to meet their nutritional needs. High-quality poultry and rice with less maize, and no beef carcass meal or tallow, means a reduced risk of food-related allergies. Omega-3 fatty acids from salmon oil as well as prebiotics and added vitamins and minerals ensure your adult dog is getting all the necessary nutrients for optimal health maintenance as well as a shiny coat and healthy skin.

Pair Premium Adult Maintenance Dog Food with the nutraceutical ArthroFocus and you’ll have a health protocol to manage any mild to moderate degenerative joint disease in your adult dog. ArthroFocus contains chondroitin sulphate, glucosamine hydrochloride, green-lipped mussel extract, beta glucan and omega-3 – all potent ingredients known for their protection of healthy joint cartilage and protecting painful joints from further degeneration.

Premium Senior Dog Food + Arthri-Joint

As they age, senior dogs’ nutritional needs change. They need higher-quality proteins and less fat to retain muscle and reduce sedentary weight gain; and a different mineral profile to protect their ageing organs. VetsBrands Premium Senior Dog Food does all of this, while also containing high levels of the omega-3s, DHA and EPA, and added taurine and l-carnitine to protect your old dog’s heart and brain. Their digestion is supported with the high fibre from beet pulp.

Pair Premium Senior Dog Food with the nutraceutical Arthri-Joint and your old, stiff-jointed dog will get some relief from severe to end-stage joint disease. Arthri-Joint’s main focus is on managing pain and inflammation, so it contains mega-doses of anti-inflammatory and pain-managing nutraceuticals – glucosamine HCL, MSM and green-lipped mussel extract. If your vet has already prescribed NSAIDs to manage your senior dog’s condition, Arthri-Joint can still be safely used with these anti-inflammatories.

VetsBrands Premium Dog Food + nutraceuticals for skin care

Adult dogs who develop skin allergies and other inflammatory skin conditions can still enjoy Premium Adult Maintenance Dog Food without their allergies or skin condition flaring up. It contains chicken and rice, which are known to balance the health of sensitive dogs, with no beef, tallow and maize, which reduces the chances of an allergic reaction. Omega-3 and -6 fatty acids as well as prebiotics and added vitamins and minerals ensure your adult dog is getting all the necessary nutrients to support a shiny coat and healthy skin.

Pair Premium Adult Maintenance Dog Food with DermoFocus to ensure your dog’s sensitive skin can be managed with good food and a potent nutraceutical. DermFocus contains omegas-3 and -6, krill oil, biotin, zinc, methionine and MSM, and is specifically formulated to manage skin inflammation and allergy-based skin disease. This combination of food + nutraceutical feeds your dog’s skin while reducing allergy triggers.

VetsBrands Premium Dog Food + nutraceuticals for kidney care

Ageing dogs’ major organs age along with them and sometimes don’t function like they used to. A great way to support your senior furry friend’s kidneys is to feed them a senior dog food that’s got their best interests in mind. VetsBrands Premium Senior Dog Food provides the right amino acid levels for muscle retention without overloading already sensitive kidneys. It also contains chitosan, which absorbs phosphates and protects the kidneys.

Pair Premium Senior Dog Food with the nutraceutical RenoFocus to support your old dog’s ailing kidneys and manage chronic renal disease. Specially formulated with chitosan, calcium carbonate, potassium citrate, co-enzyme Q10 and co-factors, RenoFocus offers high-potency phosphate binders and alkalising agents to protect the kidneys from further damage and to manage mid- to end-stage renal disease.

Speak to your vet about the best way to manage your precious furry friend’s chronic joint, skin or kidney condition, and consider a therapeutic solution made up of premium quality food supplemented by potent nutraceuticals.

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