Maltese breed – Facts and traits

Maltese is an elegant small breed dog whose origin is still today often debated, but it is known that royalty used to like them. Queen Elizabeth I is said to have had Maltese as well as Publius, the Roman governor of Malta, in the 1st century.

Maltese are perfect companion dogs that are sought after for their adaptability to live in small, indoor areas and therefore people love to get Maltese when they have apartments that allow small dogs. Maltese can be fussy eaters which can sometimes be a worry, but luckily Pet Hero stocks food (Royal Canin Mini Exigent) for those fussy eaters.

Maltese have long haired coats that need a daily brush to keep them matt-free. Maltese’s fur is known to be mostly hypoallergenic, making them suitable for people who suffer from allergies. Try Pet Hero’s brush to make the grooming easier.

Maltese dogs are overall quite healthy but certain health issues can pop up, such as bad breath, ear infections and eye infections. It is always a good idea to take your Maltese to your vet if you suspect anything is wrong, but as mentioned before, they are relatively healthy.

Maltese are friendly natured dogs. They love their owners and they like to meet new furry friends. Maltese do not do well home alone, as they are such people loving dogs and can become very lonely.

If you are a stranger, make sure to introduce yourself as they do not trust strangers straight away. If you do want to make an impression, make sure to give them lots of attention and affection.

The Maltese initially needs rigorous training as they can be difficult to housebreak, but the effort is worthwhile as a Maltese dog would love you for all the attention, making a perfect, adorable pet.

Another nameMaltese Terrier or Straight-haired Bichon
Classified asSmall Breed
Country of originCentral Mediterranean, Basin, Italy
Average Adult Height20 cm – 25 cm
Average Adult Weight1 – 3 kg
Life Expectancy12 – 15 years
Exercise requirementsNeeds limited amount of exercise
Similar BreedsBichon Frisé
Rescues in South AfricaMaltese, French Poodle and Yorkie Rescue

Maltese can also often be found at SPCA’s and other local pet rescues

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