M-Pets Dental Care Set


M-Pets Dental Care Kit improves oral and dental hygiene. It helps to prevent plaque build-up and freshens your canine’s breath. The M-Pets Dental Care Kit has four brushes made of high-quality bristles to ensure gentle cleaning of your canine’s teeth and a beef-flavoured toothpaste that is sure to entice your dog into cooperating with the brushing session. M-Pets Dental Care Kit is designed to help prevent, treat and reduce oral diseases and promote oral hygiene.

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Brushing your canine’s teeth daily is essential for oral hygiene and overall health. Brushing prevents plaque and tartar build-up that otherwise will lead to gingivitis (gum diseases) and halitosis (bad breath) that can result in the loss of teeth, or worse, bacterial contamination in his mouth that may eventually directly affect his cardiac health. Starting dental cleaning with the correct treats, chew toys, and frequent brushing will combat and treat oral diseases and conquer bad breath.

Brushing is extremely important as plaque build-up on the tooth surface and just under the gum line hardens in 36 hours to become tartar, which can’t be removed with a toothbrush. Picking a time of day as a daily routine will help your pet get used to brushing while using a doggy favourite flavour toothpaste will actually have him look forward to the brushing event. Not only is brushing good for your dog, but it will allow you to inspect your dog’s oral health daily.

The beef flavour toothpaste kit includes four soft-bristled brushes:
1. A finger toothbrush for sensitive areas that reaches underneath the gums;
2. the massage brush, which increases the blood flow to the gums; and
3 – 4. the double-ended brush: the small end for the molars (to stop periodontal disease that usually affects the upper and back teeth) and the long end that is for cleaning the front teeth;

The Doggy Toothpaste is an appealing beefy flavour to make brushing more of a pleasurable moment for your dog.

Using the M-Pets Dental Care Set daily will prevent gum disease and tooth decay, combat bad breath and minimise the risk of tooth loss.

The M-Pets Dental Care Set brushes are made of high-quality materials and soft bristles to ensure gentle brushing and safe, comfortable cleaning of your canine’s teeth.

The M-Pet Dental Care Kit is designed for dogs of all life stages.

The M-Pets Dental Care Set is here to give your dog the fresh breath and oral hygiene he deserves.

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