M-Pets Bamboo Rake Comb with Rotating Teeth


Looking for a Rake Comb that will be gentle on your dog’s skin and coat? The M-Pets Bamboo Rake Comb with Rotating Teeth is a 100% Bamboo Rake Comb with corrosion-resistant stainless steel pins that can rotate. It is a gentle comb with great longevity, which will help you to detangle his coat and rid it of dirt and loose hair. The brush will lessen unwanted fluff and condition his skin and coat. Treat your dog to some grooming time and condition his coat. The M-Pets Bamboo Rake Comb with Rotating Teeth is the way to go.




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Setting aside time to groom our pets a few times a week lends itself to affirming and strengthening our bond, but it also provides us with the opportunity to check their skin and coat for any conditions or parasites while they are relaxed. Grooming detangles the coat,  stimulates the blood circulation under the skin and distributes his natural oils that will revitalise and shine his skin. Removing loose undercoats and hair shedding while grooming your pet will improve their coat and skin health while reducing unwelcome fur fluff inside your house.

The M-Pets Bamboo Rake Comb with Rotating Teeth is a durable comb made with 100% natural bamboo wood an FSC-Certified rake comb with corrosion-resistant stainless steel pins. The M-Pets Bamboo Rake Comb with Rotating Teeth has an ergonomic anti-static handle and rotating teeth that provide the best comfort while grooming your pet.

The M-Pets Bamboo Rake Comb with Rotating Teeth measures 10 cm x 17 cm and has 31 teeth.

Remember always to be gentle when brushing your fur friend and brush from the head down. Never pull when you come to the matted parts; gently keep on brushing till the parts are removed.

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