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LickiMat is an Australian-owned company founded in 2012 by Jane Ferguson, who worked with two vets to design a product to improve her dog’s Oral Hygiene and Oral Health.

The LickiMat Company is owned by pet owners who love their pets and who are passionate about the magic of pets, their well-being and happiness. All products are to improve the health and mental well-being of pets.

What type of products does LickiMat offer?

LickiMat are the designers of OH Bowl®, ThroBizz®, LickiMat®, slowdog® and a range of other innovative products.

  • LickiMat® Classics for dogs and cats
  • LickiMat Tuff™ for dogs and cats
  • LickiMat Wobble™ for dogs and cats
  • LickiMat Splash™ for dogs and cats
  • New Cat LickiMat Classics: Casper™ and Felix™ for Cats

What sets LickiMat apart from the rest?

LickiMat was designed by vets to help dogs feel less anxious when left home alone. It has since evolved and offers so much more, like training aids, crate training aids, raw food dispensers and all-around food and snack enrichment enablers. LickiMat products are well-priced and highly economical.