Kong Refillable Turtle Cat Toy


Kong Refillable Turtle Cat Toy is a small soft little blue and green bubble plush turtle that will take your cat on a fun adventure. Filled with catnip that will lure her into some playtime and alter her mood for up to 30 minutes after play – this little turtle means business in busting boredom Big Time. No hiding away. Get your cat the little turtle friend that will entice her to crawl out of her comfort zone and into an intriguing game of scavenging fun. Shell we play.

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Kong Refillable Turtle Cat Toy might be a tad small but this soft little blue and green bubble plush turtle will have your cat jumping for joy. Fitted with a reclosable velcro-strip pouch to retain premium North American Catnip securely in place, this turtle is totally paw-some. Catnip is a herb that binds with the receptors in your cat’s nose and activates a sense of euphoria or happiness in your cat’s brain that will alternate your cat’s mood for up to 30 minutes after play.

The Kong Refillable Turtle Cat Toy will give your indoor kitty a turtle-ly awesome playtime time encouraging her to playfully bat, pounce, stalk, strike and throw her new enticing ocean friend around till she decides to cuddle up and snuggle with her new shell-ebrity toy.

The Kong Refillable Turtle Cat Toy comes with a refill which will enable you to add fresh catnip when the scent starts to fade. Ensure its freshness by storing the refill holder in the fridge.

The Kong Refillable Turtle Cat Toy is easy to maintain, simply wash it in the washing machine – when the catnip is removed.

The Kong Refillable Turtle Cat toy comes in the dimension: 12.7 x 10.2 x 10.2 cm

Kong dog toys provide the most innovative and safe toys made from the finest materials that give them great longevity. Please be advised that no toys are forever indestructible – be a plausible pet parent and regularly check your cat’s toys to remove the worn-out ones, and replace them with new ones. Toys are instrumental to your cat’s health and wellness.

The Kong Refillable Turtle Cat toy with catnip will lure your cat into some entertaining playtime fun. Small Turtle – Big Flipper -Fun.

Additional information

Weight 0.08 kg
Shipping dimensions 12.7 × 10.2 × 10.2 cm







Volumetric weight 0.26 kg

Instructions for refreshing catnip

  • Pull the velcro strips on the sides of the pouch apart;
  • Remove the catnip from the pouch;
  • Replace with the new catnip;
  • Ensure that the catnip does not touch the velcro strips when filling up the pouch;
  • Attach the velcro strips and press tightly to ensure that it is closed.
  • Press the toy and rub it to release the new catnip’s smell.


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