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Kong Extreme Ball

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For the toughest ball around, trust Kong. The Kong extreme ball is a long-lasting toy – wonderful to fetch and even better to chew.

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Energetic, active dogs love the Kong extreme ball. It is a bouncy toy made of durable Kong rubber and designed to outlast powerful jaws. Many trainers and working dog professionals recommend Kong extreme ball for better performance. The Extreme Ball is the ball for a Power Chewer (see below)

Maximise the fun with your faithful friend. Here are a few ideas:

  • Play games of toss and retrieve. Never forget to reward with praise or a treat when the toy is returned to you. To stimulate your faithful friends natural instinct toss the Kong Classic. It’s design makes it bounce erratically.

  • Hide a stuffed kong in a variety of places, either indoors or out. Command him to GO! when hidden. Hide-and-seek is always a more interesting game than just playing fetch.

  • “Find your Kong” – leave treats leading to a Kong and tell him to find his kong. Make it harder by increasing the space between treats.

There are three basic chewing styles or behaviours when it comes to dogs and their toys:

  • Gentle Chewers – These dogs are easy on toys. They would prefer a plush teddy or a fabric toy. They will usually lick or suck on their toys, hardly ever destroying them.

  • Average Chewers – Give them any toy, whether it is soft, hard, chewable, non-chewable. Average chewers like to carry their toys around with them.  They will be destructive with plush or fabric toys but rarely destructive with rubber toys.

  • Power Chewers – The strong, determined chewer. Select the toys carefully. Choose durable, interactive play toys along with hard rubber toys, like the Extreme Kong.

No matter what chewer they are, all play needs to be supervised. Replace all toys with cuts, tears, or rips. No toy is indestructible, your dog’s safety is your responsibility.

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