JW Puppy Connects Toy


JW Puppy Connect Toy is sure to capture your pup’s attention. Have him explore the three amusing attachments that are replaceable and interchangeable. Crafted to keep your teething pup happily entertained and ease his itching and painful gums by challenging him to some solo or interactive play with the crinkly soccer-textured rubber ball, durable tug rope and soft rubber teething ring.

A Jaw-fect teether toy when those erupting little teeth are causing havoc and your little angel pup is getting himself in the most peculiar situations when chewing on your personal belongings. 

Chuck it  – Chew it – Tug on it. So much fun in one toy.

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JW Puppy Connects Toy is cleverly designed to be a versatile chew toy to aid your little pup’s pain and discomfort when teeth are erupting and painful itching gums become a reality. The JW Puppy Connects is a chew toy crafted to feature three enticing connector toys: a durable tug rope, a soft rubber yellow teething ring and an equally soft rubber soccerball-textured crackle ball. 

Customised to entertain and enrich your dog’s senses while distracting him from his teething ailments. The connector toys are fashioned to be replaced when it is worn out or interchanged when he needs a new challenge to keep him happily entertained and out of mischief. Simply twist it in and out of the nylon centre part.

Chuck it, chew it or tug on it – so much fun in one toy. The JW Puppy Connects multi-shaped and textured intelligent toy design is specially crafted to encourage interactive play that will change gum discomfort into a satisfying gum massage – numbing pain and relieving discomfort.

Chewing is not only good for teething puppies in that it aids the process of teeth erupting, but it also activates the release of feel-good hormones that will support your pup’s emotional well-being.

The JW Puppy Connects is a sturdy and durable chew toy that promises to bring your pup a lot of fun and entertainment but be advised that no toy is forever indestructible. Keep an eye out for worn-out toys and be sure to remove and replace them. Your dog will forever be grateful for the new additions to his toy collection.

The JW Puppy Connects comes in the size 21.6 cm x 20.3 cm x 6 cm.

Explore the connector possibilities with the JW Puppy Connects. 



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