JW Cataction Zippy Mouse 


JW Cataction Zippy Mouse is a perky little fellow with a green body and cheeky grey ears that will zip across the flat hard floor to trigger your cat’s hunting instincts. Simply pull him back and let him go. No batteries are required. Loads of fun for both you and your feline. 

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JW Cataction Zippy Mouse is a super cute green and grey little mouse with the sweetest little perky ears and bulky tail that is sure to give your cat some good foraging fun. This animated little fellow is fashioned with a felt fabric body that is easy for your cat to bat, bite and carry off to her delight.

The JW Cataction Zippy Mouse is featured with little wheels at the bottom and when pulled backwards he will zip across the flat surface in a way that mimics the movement of a real mouse, which is sure to trigger your cat’s hunting instinct.  

The JW Cataction Zippy Mouse is a lovely toy constructed with super fun interactive playtime in mind for you and your feline friend.

Note: that the JW Cataction Zippy Mouse moves effectively in a hallway or area with hard flat flooring but is not suited for use on carpets.

The JW Cataction Zippy Mouse comes in the dimension of 17 cm x 11.4 cm x 10.2 cm.

The JW Cataction Zippy Mouse is well constructed, but no toy lasts forever. Be sure to keep an eye out for worn-out or broken toys. Remove and replace them as toys aid a feline’s mental and physical wellness.

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Weight 0.08 kg
Shipping dimensions 17 × 11.4 × 10.2 cm

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Volumetric weight 0.40 kg


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