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Showing all 4 results

I’m GismoTM is a handy dog-walking product made by Dog Gone Smart. Founded in 2006, Dog Gone Smart focuses on developing high-quality products that solve common problems for pet lovers in the realms of feeding, walking, grooming and bathing.

I’m GismoTM is an award-winning multi-function leash holder, which serves a range of other purposes. “Everything you need on your walk can now be carried in one hand.” The I’m GismoTM starter kit comes with the sturdy handle with a silicone grip, which comfortably fits hands of all sizes. The leash carabiner slides and pivots to absorb any force exerted by the dog’s changing movements and makes for a much more comfortable walk. Included in the starter kit is a poop bag dispenser and carry clip, which clips onto the bottom of the grip.

There are a range of connectables – bought separately – that make the I’m GismoTM handle so versatile. The dual leash connectable lets you walk two dogs on one handle. A very handy ball thrower attaches to the handle. Agility and training dog owners can purchase the training kit, comprising a convenient treat dispenser on one end and a clicker on the other. There’s also a flashlight connectable for when you’re walking your dog in the late afternoon or evening.