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How to choose the best dog food in South Africa

How to choose the best dog food in South Africa

Whether you’re about to bring home your new rescue from the SPCA or your local shelter, or you need to choose dog food for your growing pure breed, there are many choices of food for South African dog parents. While many people consider price and availability to be the main factors that influence their choice of dog food, there are quite a number of other variables to look out for:

What is the healthiest dog food on the market?

When we talk about ‘healthiest’, we mean the purity and quality of ingredients. Take your time in checking the labels of all the dog food brands you think would be a good fit for your dog, and narrow down your selection based on the percentages of meat, vegetables, grains, corn, preservatives, etc. Take note of the added vitamins and minerals, as well as the serving sizes. Shortlist your favourites and compare ingredients and benefits.

All the dog food varieties available on the Pet Hero website list the ingredients in the description, making this a very convenient exercise when shopping for dog food.

Special dietary requirements

Like humans, not all dogs are created equal. Some breeds may be prone to skin, joint and digestive problems, while some dogs are allergic to certain grains or proteins. It’s important that you become familiar with your dog’s specific dietary needs and then satisfy them with the necessary dog food. Fortunately for your favourite pooch, most of the quality dog food brands have formulated special diets for dogs with unique dietary needs. Hill’s Science Diet, Eukanuba, Royal Canin, Olympic Professional, Ultra Dog, Acana and Vet’s Choice all offer dietary varieties that cater to more than just the different stages of your dog’s life.  So, whether your dog has a weight problem, painful joints, sensitive skin or a delicate tummy, there are some amazing varieties out there. Ask your vet for samples if you need to shop around.

Your dog food budget

There’s a general consensus that if a dog food is expensive, it must be high quality. While it’s tough to argue with that logic, the most expensive dog food might not be what your dog wants or needs. This is why it’s important to do your research and trial-and-error different diets to see which one your dog thrives on. Set your budget based on what your dog enjoys and what keeps him healthy, then choose the relevant brand that fits your budget.

Mid-range options

The best dog food for YOUR dog may simply be a wholesome food option with a mid-range price that meets all the needs of generally healthy dogs and tastes good to him. Montego, Field & Forest, and Jock have great ranges for puppies, adult and senior dogs.

Your dog’s nutritional needs may change over time, so keep an eye on his condition and ensure his nutritional needs are being met for his breed, his stage of life, and his taste buds!

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